Racial Equity



racial equity


United Way of Greater Kingsport Racial Equity Impact Strategy:

Racial Equity: Equity is an underlying principle in all of the other critical success factors included in the Modern United Way. This emphasis reflects the understanding that a focus on equity in all aspects of our work is essential to the continued relevance of United Way as a partner of choice to address the most critical pressing issues within and across communities in the United States. While achievements in the racial equity/diversity area can take a variety of forms, this impact strategy will focus specifically on the following objectives:
• Increased participation in UWGK activities at all levels, including leadership, committee membership, and individual service opportunities
• Improve understanding of causes of racial inequity, and use that understanding to implement specific initiatives
• Collaborate with community partners and stakeholders to support and implement initiatives intended to improve retention of people of color in the Greater Kingsport area.