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UWGK Leadership


2018 United Way of Greater Kingsport

Board of Directors


Andy Wampler, President

Brian Miller, Vice President

Bill MacPherson, Secretary

Scott Davis, Treasurer/Finance Chair

Andy Hatfield, Assistant Treasurer / Finance Vice Chair

Michelle Clark, Administration Chair 

Jenny Dugger, Administration Vice Chair

Michelle Stewart, Audit Committee Chair

Tracy Miller, Audit Committee Vice Chair

Mandi Cambre, Communications Chair

Brad Lifford , Communications Vice Chair

Laurie Paulonis, Community Assessment / Planning Chair

Jane Henry, CAP Vice Chair

Jeff Hooker, Community Investment Chair

Allen Booth, Community Investment Vice Chair

Kevin Smith, Human Resources Chair

Eryn O’Brien, Human Resources Vice Chair

Cecile Wimberley, Leadership Development Chair

Jeremiah Clark , Leadership Development Vice Chair

Edd Baldock, Quality Chair

Alan Freeman, Quality Vice Chair 

Keith Parker, Resource Development Chair

Michelle Bacon, Resource Development Vice Chair

Bill Fortenberry, Strategy Advisor

John Perdue , Strategy Advisor – Vice

At-Large Members

Eric Deaton

Marvin Cameron

Dana Glenn

Chris McCartt

Cathy Combs

Susan Lodal

Angie Stanley