WJHL: Kingsport Farmers Market renovations proceeding on schedule

City staff members say repair work and upgrades inside the Kingsport Farmers Market Pavilion are proceeding on schedule.

Farmers Market manager Kristie Leonard told News Channel 11 that repainting the interior walls is mostly complete and the electrical work needed before the installation of industrial fans is underway.

Crews will also install a new, protective coating on the building’s floor.

Leonard said renovations won’t just impact buyers and sellers at the farmer’s market; it will also create a better environment for the many events that are held at the market throughout the year.

“We hope that the future people that are renting the facility get to see a new improved facility,” Leonard said, adding that the event space is typically booked every weekend.

Leaders with the United Way of Greater Kingsport said they’re already looking forward to holding an event in the new space.

“We usually hold our community celebration at the farmer’s market, but this year, United Way of Greater Kingsport turns 90 years old, and we’re going to be celebrating our 90th anniversary at the farmer’s market in September,” Executive Director Danelle Glasscock told News Channel 11.

As an easily accessible, often open-to-the-public space, Glasscock said the pavilion is great for hosting events with people from different walks of life.

“We’re excited about the new paint, the new floors, everything about it,” Glasscock said. “It’ll just make the space even better than it is now.”

The market is on track to reopen in March.

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