UWGK Launches Local COVID-19 Relief Fund

KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE – United Way of Greater Kingsport (UWGK) has been helping the community for over 85 years. Now, with the cumulative effects of COVID-19 yet unknown, UWGK is launching the UWGK COVID-19 Relief Fund to increase efforts in their fight for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in the community.


“The fund will support community organizations that are working to meet the needs of individuals affected by COVID-19 in the Greater Kingsport area,” said UWGK Executive Director, Danelle Glasscock. “For both immediate needs and longer-term response, these funds will be focused on assisting vulnerable populations, including children, families, individuals experiencing homelessness, the elderly and ALICE.”  ALICE, an acronym coined by United Way, represents all who are Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. This demographic is made of men, women, and families who work hard and earn more than the official Federal Poverty Level, but less than the basic cost of living.


Recognizing that people across the country are struggling in the economic wake of this pandemic, UWGK emphasized that cancelled events and challenges for local businesses are disproportionately impacting hourly workers in the service sector. Coupled with school closures that require juggling childcare and lost time on the job, many working families may struggle to make rent and put food on the table.


UWGK Community Impact Director, Becca Sutphen added, “We expect community resources to be inundated. Food pantries will be in high demand and calls for help are already pouring into 211. United Way of Greater Kingsport is working to marshal and mobilize local resources to reach those in crisis. We are continually updating that list at our website, www.uwaykpt.org/covid19, but we need individuals to give financial help to the relief fund to allow us to continue our work alongside these organizations.”


For individuals or corporations interested in donating, they can visit the UWGK website www.uwaykpt.org/covid19relieffund

or text “HELPING” to 303-06.



United Way of Greater Kingsport (UWGK) fights for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in our community. UWGK’s mission is to improve lives. Our vision is a better life for all.