Times News: The United Way Still Needs Your Help

The United Way of Greater Kingsport held its annual campaign celebration Nov. 18 with more than 100 community leaders, volunteers and partner agencies in attendance. The focus was to thank everyone who has participated in this year’s effort to raise $3 million.

The campaign worked harder than it ever has to achieve that goal. That’s important because every dollar that falls short means a dollar lost to a member agency, and those dozens of agencies that work on behalf of the public good operate on very tight budgets.

This was another job well done, but we fell short. To date, the United Way has raised $2.58 million, or 86% of its goal. The reason for that is a direct reflection of an economy suffering inflation at a level not seen in 30 years. Americans are seeing higher prices at retailers, grocery stores and the gas pump, and it’s all they can do to put food on the table even if they have a job.

These are the very people the United Way campaign seeks to help. The United Way literally touches thousands of people in our community — not only those who live, work and play in Kingsport, but throughout the Tri-Cities. And that could not be possible without the generous donations and countless volunteer hours spent promoting the annual fundraising campaign.

One program provides after-school and summer care for young and teenage girls. On the health and safety front, money is given to the American Red Cross to help fund an emergency response program, provide rent and mortgage assistance to reduce homelessness, and offer education services to lessen the impact of emergencies.

Member agencies provide food, shelter, clothing and basic health care, helping children through school and college and teaching them to make good choices while believing in themselves and others. Your donations provide fundamental life skills to achieve independence in daily living and help individuals gain and maintain employment, providing access to transportation and education.

Donations provide basic needs and health care, preparing for emergency situations and assisting families in crisis. They provide needed services to the aging, meeting physical and mental health needs and offering activities to enrich their lives. The money raised locally stays in our local communities. It is used right here where it is gathered, to support dozens of local programs administered by dozens of local agencies.

There are few among us who at some point did not have some difficulty, for which we received some help.


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