Times News: Kingsport Public Library Receives E-Reader Donation

KINGSPORT — A consortium of local nonprofit organizations has donated 36 e-readers to the Kingsport Public Library.

The library will provide the e-readers, with access to Libby’s catalog of titles, to students in the programs of the Greater Kingsport Afterschool Network. This will allow the participants to select a book and begin reading immediately, increasing access to books at the afterschool programs.

The Greater Kingsport Afterschool Network is comprised of more than 10 organizations — including United WE READ; Boys & Girls Club of Kingsport; Girls, Inc. of Kingsport; Girl Scouts of Southern Appalachia; Boy Scouts of Sequoya Council; the Greater Kingsport Family YMCA; HOPE; and the YWCA.

“These e-readers will allow students to have access to thousands of books through Libby, the library’s extensive e-book library, while participating in an Afterschool Network program,” said Chris Markley, Kingsport Public Library manager.


Funding for this partnership was provided by the Motts Foundation to expand access to books for participants in the Greater Kingsport Afterschool Network with the goal of increasing the love of reading in our community.


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