Helping Children and Youth Succeed

Our Goals:

  • Youth graduate from high school career and college ready.
  • Children and youth have food, shelter, clothing and basic healthcare needs met.
  • Children and youth believe in themselves and value others.
  • Children and youth develop the ability to make good choices.



Vision Council Initiatives


United WE READ is a collaborative partnership model aimed at advancing the common good

by raising visibility, deepening connections, and engaging supporters

to build a literacy-rich community. 

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2019 Member Agency Programs

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Tri-Cities - Community-Based & Site-Based Mentoring Program: $70,079
Matches caring, consistent adult volunteers with children in our community who need a friend and mentor.  


Boys and Girls Club of Greater Kingsport - Building Successful Adults Program: $33,445
Provides a safe environment helping teens realize their fullest potential by providing quality programs which enhance health, social, and educational development.
Boys and Girls Club of Greater Kingsport - Licensed Childcare Program: $122,825
Helps children realize their fullest potential by providing childcare programs which enhance their health, social, and educational development.  
Boys and Girls Club of Greater Kingsport - Satellite Program: $40,377
Focuses on building successful adults at satellite sites locations in Greater Kingsport. 

Boy Scouts of America, Sequoyah Council - Youth Development Program: $15,000
Teaches participants life-long skills and values. They acquire the skills they need to make the right choices, meet challenges and overcome them. youth learn today what will sustain them tomorrow.


Girl Scout Council of the Southern Appalachians - Leadership Experience Program: $17,000 
Provides a comprehensive leadership development program that positively impacts girls grades K-12 by building skills that lead to future success.


Girls Inc. of Kingsport - Core Program: $180,000

Provides facility based and off-site outreach programs provided after-school, after hours and during the summer for girls ages 4-19 that enhance their educational, occupational and physical development.


Holston Children & Youth Services (Frontier Health) - School Based Prevention Program: $35,023
Provides clinical services for at-risk students with academic, social, and/or behavioral problems; helps schools maintain safe, disciplined learning environments; and provides consultation for teachers and collaboration with counselors.


Kingsport Child Development Center - Sliding Fee Scale/Income-Based Childcare Program: $120,000
Provides quality childcare/preschool services implementing developmentally-appropriate programs meeting the social, emotional, and educational needs of all children served at affordable rates for parents/guardians. 


Small Miracles Therapeutic Equestrian Center - Equine-Assisted Positive Youth Development Program: $14,000
Enhances the fundamental life skills and personal development of children and youth by providing prosocial, leadership and work/college-readiness skills through the utilization of equine-assisted experiential learning activities.


Small Miracles Therapeutic Equestrian Center - Equine-Assisted Activities & Therapies Program: $18,000

Enhances the physical, emotional, social, cognitiveand behavioral growth of individuals with special needs and disabilities through both mounted and unmounted equine-assisted activities and therapies.


Sullivan County Imagination Library: $20,000

Pomotes early childhood reading through monthly mailings of free, age-appropriate books to registered children in our county who are between birth and age five.