2020 Campaign

Thank you for visiting our website to learn more about our campaign here at United Way of Greater Kingsport! We kicked off our 2020 campaign on August 14. If you want to watch the kickoff as it happened live (virtually, but still live), click here! We have a number of things that we would love to show you starting with our videos for this year. Below, you'll find our campaign video, an inside look at our 3 main focus areas (health, education and financial stability), and a recap of what we have done with our COVID-19 Relief Fund thus far.

We always encourage you to take a look at our Newspaper Tabloid for this year (click here) and GPS Map that shows all of our member agencies and initiatives (click here). We also have an extra mile print for givers who qualify. To see this year's print, click here. To learn more about the Extra Mile Program, click here.




Are you an existing campaign coordinator, or are you interested in starting and growing a campaign within your company or organization? Click here!