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UWGK Leadership

2017 United Way of Greater Kingsport Board of Directors

Brett Sago, President
Andy Wampler, Vice-President
Brian Miller, Secretary

Lori Payne, Treasurer, Finance Chair
Scott Davis, Assistant Treasurer/Finance Vice-Chair

Michelle Clark, Administration Committee Chair
Kristi Bennett, Administration Committee Vice-Chair

Jonathan Bailey, Audit Committee Chair
Joann Williams, Audit Committee Vice-Chair
Candy Eslinger, Communications Chair
Mary Beth Oxendine-Woodby, Community Assessment/Planning Chair
Laurie Paulonis, Community Assessment/Planning Vice-Chair

Jeff Hooker, Community Investment Chair
Allen Booth, Community Investment Vice-Chair
Kevin Smith, Human Resources Chair

Selina Hall, Leadership Development Chair
Cecile Wimberley, Leadership Development Vice-Chair

Tweety Clark, Quality Chair
Edd Baldock, Quality Vice-Chair
Bill Trapp, Resource Development Chair
Keith Parker, Resource Development Vice-Chair

Bill Fortenberry, Strategic Planning Chair
Shannon Stewart, Strategic Planning Vice-Chair


At-Large Members

Tim Attebery
Dr. Marvin Cameron
Dr. Lyle Ailshie
Melody Taylor
Cathy Combs
Chris McCartt