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Ensuring Health, Safety and Stability

Our Goals:

  • Basic needs (food, clothing, shelter, and transportation) are met for all residents.
  • Residents are able to live, work, and play in a safety-focued environment.
  • Residents are made aware of avaiable healthcare-related resources and encouraged to use these resources to improve their individual and family health outcomes.
  • Residents are prepared to handle personal emergency situations that involve an individual or family.
  • Children and adults are encouraged to achieve healthy (nutrition, exercise, and smoking cessation) lifestyles.


Vision Council Initiatives

Appalachian Miles for Smiles is a collborative effort to provide both emergency and preventative
adult dental care to the uninsured at no cost.

Member Agency Programs

American Red Cross of Northeast Tennessee - Emergency Response Program: $116,000
Provides assistance with emergency needs for disaster victims and provides emergency communication and support services to military members, their families, and veterans.

American Red Cross of Northeast Tennessee - Community Resilience Program: $74,000
Delivers prevention, preparedness, and education services to individuals and the community with a goal of lessening the impact of emergencies.

American Red Cross of Northeast Tennessee - Social Service Program: $53,000
Meets targeted needs concerning rent/mortgage assistance to reduce homelessness, emergency dental care assistance, and life threatening prescription assistance.

Bloomingdale Volunteer Fire Department - Medical First Responder Program: $25,000
Provides emergency medical services as licensed First Responders per guidelines set forth by the State of Tennessee & Sullivan County EMS.

CASA for Kids - Core Program: $47,200
Supports and promotes professionally-trained community volunteers to advocate for abused and neglected children's best interest within the Juvenile Court and enusre safe and stable placements. 

Children’s Advocacy Center of Sullivan County - Counseling Program: $35,925
Provides trauma-focused treatment to the child victims of sexual abuse and severe physical abuse in a child-friendly environment that focuses on the well-being of the child.

Children’s Advocacy Center of Sullivan County - Child Abuse Prevention Program: $12,000
Works to educate children and adults about the problem of abuse and available resources and provides information on preventative measures that can be taken.

Children’s Advocacy Center of Sullivan County - Victim Services Program: $11,395
Provides counseling and assistance to the non-offending parents or caregivers of victims.

211 – CONTACT CONCERN of Northeast Tennessee - Information and Referral Program: $46,800
Administers a telephone helpline staffed by trained volunteers who provide information and referral, a listening ear to distressed callers, crisis intervention, and daily reassurance calls.
Friends in Need Health Center - Dental Services Program: $64,375
Provides affordable dental care to the working uninsured of the Greater Kingsport area.

Friends in Need Health Center - Medical Services Program:  $30,000
Provides affordable medical care to the working uninsured of the Greater Kingsport area. 

Holston Counseling (Frontier Health) - Substance Abuse Counseling Program: $63,860
Provides services to individuals who are experiencing interpersonal, family, employment, or legal difficulties due to substance abuse or dependence.

Holston Counseling (Frontier Health) - Crisis Assessment Program: $19,000
Mobile Crisis Reponse Team provides 24-hour crisis intervention counseling and referral services for persons experiencing a psychiatric crisis.

Kingsport Lifesaving Crew - Emergency Medical, Rescue and Extrication Program: $75,000
Provides emergency first responder and vehicle extrication services to accident and trauma victims in the Greater Kingsport area.

Legal Aid of East Tennessee - Kingsport Domestic Violence Program: $16,500
Provides family safety and stability for victims of domestic violence through court orders granting a divorce or order of protection.

Link House (Frontier Health) - Core Program: $44,535
Provides food, shelter, crisis intervention, diagnostic, and evaluation services as well as counseling to adolescents who are neglected, abused, runaway, unruly, or delinquent.

Mountain Region Speech & Hearing Center - Speech-Language Scholarship Program:  $75,000
Provides diagnosis and treatment of speech, language, feeding, and hearing disorders to provide the highest quality care for treatment of speech, language, and hearing disorders regardless of the client’s ability to pay.

SAFE House (Frontier Health) - Domestic Violence Shelter Program: $53,323
Provides a temporary shelter for victims of domestic violence and their dependent children. The shelter is open 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Other services include information and referral for victims via the 24-hour crisis line, transportation, advocacy, follow-up services, and community education.

Salvation Army - Emergency Shelter Program: $37,900
Provides lodging, meals, personal hygiene items, clothing, counseling, job placement, financial planning, and survival skills as well as long-term care to assist individuals/families in becoming self-sufficient.

Salvation Army - Social Services Program: $91,633
Provides basic human needs - clothing, food, rent, mortgage, utilities, and medicine - without discrimination.