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2015 Literacy Council of Kingsport Fast Facts



                              Did you know there are 36 million adults who cannot read above a third grade reading level? (ProLiteracy, 2015)


              How difficult would life be if you had low literacy skills?

Imagine not being able to:

Read the newspaper

Complete medical forms or job applications

Write a letter or email

Help your child with homework

Balance a checkbook


Literacy Council of Kingsport's mission is to provide one-on-one tutoring

for adults & idenfied children  to improve their reading and writing skills

and to be an advocate for literacy throughout the community.


Literacy Council offers three programs:


Adult Basic Literacy:

Tutors utilize a phonics-based reading curriculum

to help students develop literacy skills


English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL):

Tutors help ESOL students learn to read,

write, speak and understand English


Children's Tutor:

Tutors work with identified children at local

schools who need extra reading services


Volunteers make an IMPACT!

Volunteers provided 5,662 hours in 2014

which equates to a value of $127,677!

VOLUNTEER and help combat literacy!




Jake's Story:

Jake started at a 5th grade reading level and within a year

has increased to an 8th grade reading level!

He enjoys reading novels and just finished reading "Huckleberry Fin".


Ivanna's Story:

Ivanna started with limited English speaking and life skills.

Ivanna is now able to effectively communicate and has become

an active participant within the community. She enjoys volunteering at Kingsport Ballet,

helping withher church's food pantry and even volunteers to read with children.

As Ivanna's English speaking and life skills improved, so did her self-confidence!


Ashley's Story:

Ashley's doctor's office referred her to Literacy Council because

she needed help understanding how to manage her health

needs. Ashley is now able to read and understand her diabetes manual,

medication labels and insurance forms.